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Join us on Wednesday, March 29 for our 2023 SPIN-A-THON! This annual event is a great time to come together for fitness, fun and community support.

Register a team, join a team or register as an individual, here:  2023 SPIN-A-THON Registration

How does it work? Raise funds for the YMCA of Cumberland's Strong Communities campaign by asking friends/family/coworkers to support your participation by donating. Every gift counts. 

Our Strong Communities Campaign helps those in our community by enabling the YMCA to  subsidized memberships and programs for those in need. Currently 1 in 5 people who access the YMCA of Cumberland are able to do so because of this program and the continued support from people like you!

For more information; contact:

    The Myth of Work-Life Balance




Join us on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 from 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. for a breakfast to nourish your body and mind, hosted by the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce, the Soulful Leader and the YMCA of Cumberland. Featuring guest speaker Stephanie Allen, who will speak about the “Bird of Humanity," how to address the two wings to help us soar as individuals and as a Community. 

This experiential event will explore:

  • Creating wholeness in life and wYrk (work with a "why?")

  • Re-storying ourselves

  • Nourishing human connection

  • Awakening our understanding between our inner and outer self

A nourishing, healthy breakfast provided by the YMCA of Cumberland Community Development Department.



For more information, contact Beth Doucette

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