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YMCA of Cumberland Charitable Mission

"The YMCA of Cumberland is a charitable organization actively engaged in the development of our local and global communities in spirit, mind and body."

Everything we do at the YMCA of Cumberland is part of our charitable mission and is directed at enhancing quality of life in Cumberland County. We do this by providing facilities, leadership development and value based programs for all ages and abilities that encourage healthy lifestyles, personal growth, and service to the community.

At the YMCA of Cumberland, our programs range from preschool and swimming instruction for children and youth,

to individual conditioning and group fitness classes; to providing recreation for seniors and the physically challenged; employment opportunities for youth at risk; afterschool care for children,

and leadership training in aquatics, fitness and first aid.

All YMCA programs come with the context of Values Based Membership that incorporates:

  • Volunteerism and Philanthropy

  • Participation and Accessibility

  • Education and Prevention

  • Self Responsibility

  • Balance and Variety

  • Lifelong Commitment

  • Ethical Behaviour


Financial Assistance is available for those who feel they would benefit from joining the YMCA, but are financially unable to pay the full membership fee. No one is turned away for being unable to pay. Beyond individual sponsorships, the YMCA also subsidizes membership for the youth-in-care of our local group homes. In addition, the YMCA contributes thousands of dollars in donated facilities, guest passes, and memberships for fundraising efforts of other charitable and community organizations in Cumberland County.

The Work done by the YMCA is significant, it is persistent and it is important - the YMCA changes people's lives. Kids learn to share, Teens learn to respect themselves and each other, leaders evolve, and all participants build healthy lifestyles that last a lifetime.

A strong and committed group of staff and volunteers work hard to ensure that our programs and services maintain high operational standards. in recent years the YMCA of Cumberland has ranked highly among YMCAs in Canada in overall satisfaction of its members.

As a charitable organization, the YMCA of Cumberland must raise funds through community giving campaigns, special events and government grants in order to provide a range of programs and services. This necessary funding will ensure that the YMCA carries on the tradition of having a strong, meaningful presence in your community.

Our "Strong Communities" annual campaign (formerly "Strong Kids"  is focused on raising funds to support for children, youth, adults  and families who have a variety of needs, such as membership, facing food insecurity, at risk of homelessness, are unable to afford the full cost of participation in a YMCA program or activity.

Thank you to our donors, who continue to support our annual campaign. 

Supporting the YMCA of Cumberland

If you would like to make a donation to the YMCA of Cumberland you can do so in person at the YMCA, or click the opportunities to give button below.

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