We're reopening !

Thank you for staying with us during our closure, we can't wait to see you. Here is what you can expect during the first phase of our reopening. 

All members are subject to a brief screening on entry, this includes a no-contact temperature check and questionnaire. 

Member code of conduct, phase one: 

As a user of the YMCA of Cumberland, I agree to:

  • Have my membership card ready – or be ready to purchase one

  • Be 16 years of age or older (or 12 years in accompaniment of a parent/guardian)

  • Maintain a safe physical distance at all times – at least 2 m / 6 ft.,

  • Properly wash my hands and use proper hygiene etiquette,

  • Respect the physical distancing markers and follow directional arrows. 

  • Limit my visits to no more than 90 minutes per day. 

  • Pre-reserve my group fitness class and limit them to one per day. Online registration program will go live on June 15.

  • Sanitize any equipment before and after use. 


Hours of Operation (subject to change): Monday - Friday; 6:00am-8:00pm with a 3:00-4:00pm closure for cleaning. Saturday & Sunday; 9:00am-5:00pm. 

At this time the following programs, services and spaces are unavailable until further notice

  • Male and Female Locker rooms, washrooms will be accessible. 

  • All a la carte youth and adult programming. 

Membership Renewal/purchase:

Those entering the facility on June 15 must be a member or be ready to purchase a membership, a valid photo ID and/or YMCA Membership card must be presented. Those who have been members between January 1 and March 16, 2020 are considered current members and have a two week period before renewing memberships or reactivating on-hold memberships.

Wellness Centre Etiquette:

  • Lockers are available in the Wellness Centre, please bring minimal equipment and lock your belongings away.

  • No personal belongings on the window sills or wellness desk. 

  • Water fountains - Bottle filler available only - please bring your own bottle. 

  • No spotting in the Weight Room, unless done with someone from your bubble family.

  • One bench press used at a time. 

  • Supersetting done only if machines are wiped down after each set. 

  • Sanitizing machines, weights, bars and clips is needed before and after use. 

  • Studio will be used as a Core & Stretch when not in use for class.  


The Gymnasium will reopen, with limited use for the following programming and you must register in advance:

Singles Pickleball will be offered with a maximum of two people per session.

Basketball with max two people, one person per net.

Times and registration information will be available here: www.ymcaofcumberland.com/schedules


The main pool will reopen on Monday, July 6, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. for lane swimming only. Three lanes will be open, one person per lane. Snorkels are not permitted; goggles must be worn while in the pool. Registration is required and the full schedule, along with registration information and hours of operation will be found here: www.ymcaofcumberland.com/schedules. Lane swim time slots will be initially limited to 45 minutes. 

The tots pool, sauna and hot tub will remain closed until further notice.

In regard to swim lessons, aquatics programs will not be offered during the initial reopening. Check back for more details coming soon.

The full operational plan is available here: COVID-19 Operational Plan

Check out these videos for a preview of what to expect: 

Wellness Centre Preview                                        Group Fitness Information



       Facility Access Screening                                       Child Care Screening Procedure


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