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YMCA Lifesaving & Leadership Programs

First Aid & CPR

Throughout the year the YMCA of Cumberland offers First Aid and CPR certifications and recertificaitons. For information on an upcoming course or to put your name down on a waiting list for the next course contact the YMCA at 667-9112 or email our training coordinator Cody Malette at

Junior Lifeguards

The Jr. Lifeguard Club gives teens and pre-teens the chance to see what lifesaving and lifeguarding is all about. You will improve skills in many areas such as stroke technique, leadership, lifesaving skills and lifesaving knowledge.

Bronze Star

A good pre-requisite to Bronze Medallion. Great for children who have completed YMCA Star Levels or Junior Lifeguards. More challenging and more advaned lifesaving and first aid skills are taught.

Bronze Medallion

For Teens aged 13 and up or have completed Bronze Star. Water rescue techniques including judgement, knowledge, skills and fitness are taught in this pre-requisite for Bronze Cross

Bronze Cross

For anyone that has completed Bronze Medallion. Components of lifesaving and lifeguarding are taught. This program is a pre-requisit for all advanced programs in lifesaving, lifeguarding, and leadership.

National Lifeguard (NLS) - Pool Option

For those aged 15+
Teaches the skills, knowledge and techniques that are required to become a certified lifeguard.
***Requires prior completion of Bronze Cross

YMCA Swimming Instructor

For ages 16+ and have a current Bronze Cross Certification.
Become a Certified YMCA Swimming Instructor! Learn the proper techniques and skills required to teach
swimming lessons to infants, children, teens and adults.

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