Rental Information

The Cumberland YMCA offers the rental of our facilities to the community.

The prices for these rentals are listed below and can be booked through the front desk.

The times available for pool or gym rentals are listed on our schedules, to view these click on schedules at the top of this page.

Even though a time is listed as available on the online schedule the final approval will rest with the staff of the YMCA.


For all rental inquiries, please contact our rental coordinator at 902-667-9112 or email

Pool Rentals:
# People
Private Rental
Semi-Private Rental
0 - 40 People (1 Lifeguard)
41 - 80 People (2 Lifeguards)
81 - 110 People (3 Lifeguards)

All prices are based on a one hour rental.

Private Rental:

During Private Rentals the renter has access to all pools, Hot Tub and Sauna.
Pool Deck will be closed to all except those in the renter's group.


Semi-Private Rental:

During Semi-Private Rentals the renter has the pools only (Main Pool & Tots Pool).
The Hot Tub and Sauna will be open to YMCA Members.

Other Facilities:

Gymnasium - $50 / Hour

Community Room - $28 / Hour with pool rental  or  $38 / Hour without pool rental

Fitness Studio - $28 / Hour

All after-hours rentals will be negotiated by department heads.